Hi, I'm Skylar Duval.

Skylar is an experienced Audio Engineer and a professional renowned Nashville Photographer. She has worked in the Music Industry for over 8 years with Top Name Music Artist. Skylar brings her interpersonal skills of working with top notch talent behind the scenes all while juggling multiple hats with the primary mission and focus of happy clients.

Hi, I am Chelbie Tisdell.

Chelbie is an experienced photographer, driven by making people smile, she takes pride in providing our clients the most enjoyable photo session possible. As a photographer, her goals include professional organizational skills aligned with her ability to embrace challenging opportunities that may arise.

Hi, I am Angie Duval

Angie has a talent in engaging people with her interpersonal skills that directly relates our business philosophies to others. She is known for her incredible ideas around event planning, coordination, and marketing.

Hi, I am Shelly Tisdell

Shelly is our “Gatekeeper” with incoming and outgoing communication. She has the abilities necessary to reign in all our creative talent. Shelly comes with over 30 years of experience in handling coordinating logistics in a multitude of scenarios.